Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sticky Dog [kansas dog photographer]

Smokey is not yet four months old and won’t leave dad’s side. For nothing!

Smokey_2 copy

Smokey_4 copy

Smokey_3 copy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lucy Liu…

…is what I like to call her. She’s got the almond eyes and thick eyeliner, ready for her first photo shoot.

Lucy likes to sleep on the back rest of the couch, stand close to any door that might open to let her out and hang out underneath the dining table hunting for the babies to drop some food.

And she plays! My Mac is sitting next to me and missing the hours of chasing her and being chased around the house and backyard.

Lucy_9 copy

Lucy_12 copy

Lucy_23 copy

Lucy_29 copy

Lucy_30 copy

Lucy_6 copy

Lucy_33 copy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tequila a.k.a. “Fuzzy Face”

I’ve got a deadline for an article tomorrow. And I am a major procrastinator. I have no problem admitting that. And I also have no problem admitting that I am little bit more in love with photography than I am with journalism. There can only be one number one, right?

So here are a few goodies of a 15-month-old hunting dog. Please don’t ask me for the breed, she is a mix of two that I can’t even pronounce. But she is a cutie!

Tequila_3 copy

Tequila_5 copy

Tequila_7 copy

Friday, September 4, 2009

Half listening

My almost 7-months-old Mac got this new thing. And since he keeps changing all of the time I thought I capture it before it’s gone again.

Just a few weeks ago he was known as “batman”. Everyone we met would say “Look at those ears!” because he’d spread them all out on the side of his head. Now his constant expression is this:


mac_10 bw

I wonder if this explains his selective hearing of my commands!?